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Business Administration

A strong and prosperous business needs constant monitoring and informed decision-making in order to grow and function efficiently. Most day-to-day tasks and projects depend on the efforts of leaders and planners with strong organizational skills and those familiar with every aspect of the corporate world—it's this assembly and organized methodology that sits at the core of business administration jobs.

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A Central Role for Businesses

Business administration jobs can be found in the public sector as well, where they may be responsible for the financial or personnel operations of city governments, school boards, or other government-related groups. Business administrator jobs are found wherever a large number of details must be coordinated in order to ensure that the efforts of a group of people result in the most effective possible outcome.


This role is found in a variety of work environments. Because of the central role that the business administrator plays in business processes of the organization, they are most often found at the location where business operations are happening. Whether the business is located in a factory, an office building, a construction site, or any other setting, people in business administration careers will frequently be found on-site, influencing strategic and change management, monitoring supply and metrics levels, equipment operation, the efficiency and well-being of employees, and many other factors necessary for success. Being located near the core operations which he or she oversees allows the business administrator to know from minute to minute what progress is being made, and to respond quickly to any problems that arise.

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