frequently asked questions

Exam Vouchers, Exam Prep Material
  • Email Student Affairs for assistance with obtaining a second exam voucher.
Check your spam folder first to see if you received an email with the subject: XVOUCHER. Not there? Send email to Student Affairs and ask for any exam prep material you need or have not received
Most test prep material is good for 365 days, except Microsoft Office which expires after 100 uses. If you exhaust your exam prep time, email Student Affairs and see if you qualify for additional material.
Enrollments and Reschedules
Email Student Affairs and they will reschedule your classes for you.
Recordings, Transcripts and Certificates
Log into your account, click on ‘My Training’ (if class is not over) ‘My Transcript’ (if class is completed). Click on specific class, click on ‘Recordings’, and select specific day.
Send a email request to Student Affairs. Remember to let them know if it must be an ‘Official Transcript’ so it is signed.
Refund Policy